May 22, 2012


Love them or hate them? I am yet to figure out if I love them or hate them. I know for sure that I am not a big fan of them. Some look comfortable and some don't. Although I don’t see the main reason for chaise loungers I do love to lounge on them outdoors while sunbathing.


How do you feel about chaise loungers?


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Black Russian Damask wall covering in the media room contemporary media room



craftsman teahouse asian living room
Master Bedroom  bedroom

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May 19, 2012

A First Class Mail Party

I first saw this party featured here and I loved all of the details. Jenny is a very creative party planner and a crafter. She has done it once again creating an amazing birthday party for her son. Jenny’s inspiration for this party came for the neighborhood’s rusty old Post Office mailbox.



For more photos and details on the party please visit Jenny’s site.




May 18, 2012

Tradhome mag

I was so excited when the new issue of Tradhome magazine came out last month. What I love about this magazine as well as the other few that I love is the design they show…the new traditional…casual yet elegant with great detail. Here are few images that caught my eye from the current issue.


Tradhome mag1 Tradhome mag2 Tradhome mag3 Tradhome mag4 Tradhome mag5

Tradhome mag6

If you have a chance you should check it out!

Have a great weekend!




Where have I been!

I seem to be doing this a lot of this year – missing in action or in my case missing on the blog. I openly admit that I have not been the best blogger this year. I am trying to get back into it and get better, but as I had said before I value my time with my family a lot at this moment.


This time I didn’t mean intentionally to be missing for this long but things happen right ? The most exciting thing for me was my parents closing on a house 30 miles away from me. They are by no means moving to CA full time but that gives them the option to come and visit me anytime. Plus my mom can be more comfortable staying at her own house when coming to work (she is a successful real estate agent in WA and CA) rather than with me in my two bedroom townhouse.


The house was a short sale but for the most part was in great shape except the yard. The back yard was and still is in horrible condition. We are slowly working on it.



To celebrate my 30th birthday and their new house my parents and brother came over two weekends ago. The weather was amazing and we had a lot of fun. Of course things never go as planned. Since this house is acting as their second home they didn’t have any furniture to furnish the house. They are starting from zero. The week leading to my dad and brother coming over was packed with furniture shopping that had to be exchanged due to defects and of course a last minute we had to buy a dishwasher.


IMG_1004 IMAG0973 IMAG0975


Since then we have been spending our time trying to figure out a plan on how to decorate a 3600sq feet house on a very small budget (which I am very excited about) and trying to get the yard pretty. My daughter is turning out to be quite the little boss as well.




With that happening and trying to entertain an almost 3 year old plus run errands I find myself barely on the computer these days. I know that things will change in June where there will be a little bit more order in my life.

So long story short “Thank you” for being so understanding and continuing to visit my blog. I am off to Seattle for my best friend’s bachelorette party and her wedding. I will definitely share her wedding with you. (as long as I get her Okay first, of course)




May 17, 2012

The art of business cards

Can you believe it that I have been back from SNAP for what …a month now and I am still trying to organize my stuff from the conference.


SNAP was a place to learn as well as to network with other bloggers who may have or have not met before. Swapping business cards at the event was something that happened all the time. To be quite honest I wasn’t very comfortable passing out my cards unless I was asked for one. It’s not because I was embarrassed, it’s not in my nature. Maybe next year I will be better at it!




Business cards represents you! There were a lot of creative business cards that were passed around during the event. A blogger was passing out real cookies with her info on there, there were unique shaped cards as well cards that came in a special packaging. Another blogger was passing out pins promoting her blog. It was a lot of fun to see what people had in store.


Today business cards is how we introduce ourselves. We want to be unique, we want to be remembered. I have been struggling with myself what kind of business card that I want. It feels that I want to change the design every few months anywhere from color to shape to a whole new design altogether. Believe it or not I have not changed the design yet. I love the design and I love the colors. Regarding the shape? I remember that most people do still save the business cards in a business card holder or in their wallet so I have been staying away from the unique shape cards for that reason. Here are a few that have grabbed my eye:














diecut letterpress business cards 500x332 Lovely Die Cut Business Cards


Front previewBack preview


unique business cards (1)

unique business cards (7)

unique business cards (8)








I love the iphone card!

How about you?

Do you have an unique card? If not would you ever consider it?


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