May 30, 2011

Saucy Retro Swimsuits

I have a confession to make…I just bought my first swimsuit in over six years. Is that bad? When I was pregnant with my daughter I was able to use my regular swimsuit so I never bothered buying a new one. Now that I have one I am ready to get a second and third, it is very addicting. Plus who only has one swimsuit, after all it’s Southern California. People live in their swimsuits here during the summer. There are so many choices out there that I felt lost until… I saw these: retro design swimsuits. They have the right coverage, yet they still make you look sexy.

A model showcases a design from the Karen Neilsen Collection on the catwalk at a Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show in Sydney, Australia.

A model showcases a design from the Karen Neilsen Collection on the catwalk at a Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show in Sydney, Australia.

A model showcases a design from the Karen Neilsen Collection on the catwalk at a Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show in Sydney, Australia.

Karen Neilson Collection

A model showcases a design from the Karen Neilsen Collection on the catwalk at a Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show in Sydney, Australia.

A model showcases a design by C&M Swim on the catwalk at a Spring/Summer 2010/11 fashion show in Sydney, Australia.

C&M Swim

What do you think? Would you wear a swimsuit like this or do you think that its just too granny looking? I really like the first two from Karen Nielson Swimsuit Collection.



Gray and Yellow

I have been seeing this combination everywhere, and I love it. The yellow is a burst of color that makes any room cheery. Gray on the other hand presents the room with elegancy and calmness. This is making me want to repaint my whole living & dining room area gray.

Yellow and Gray Dessert Table - Wedding or Engagement Party

Singles - 1 Bright Yellow and Gray Sweet Thank You Card - TabithaVintage flower shower invitation, printed or digital, choose your colorVintage look yellow, blue, gray invitation or announcement
stationary 1; 2; 3
18x18 . Waverly . Designer Pillow Cover . Buzzing Dragon Flies and Bumble BeesModern Yellow and grey Geometric Pattern Reversible on Natural Linen Canvas 18 x 18 Cushion Covers - Set of Two (2)

Gray and Citron Yellow Stylized Floral Print Pillow Cover 18x18French Rose Pillow Cover  in Grey Linen  and Mustard Yellow

Are you loving the gray and yellow combination? I love the backdrop for the party and I am hoping that I get the time to do something like this for my daughter’s second birthday party which is two months away.


May 26, 2011

Easy Dinner Recipe

Since I have an almost two year old at home, we are busy with work and school as well most of our dinners have to be something quick and easy. I love making this: chicken gyros. It is easy and depending on if you cook or buy the chicken ready you can have dinner in no time.


Chicken gyros

I apologize in advance I do not have any measurements. I just eye ball everything.


chicken (grilled or you can buy the ready made at any supermarket)


onion (only if you like onions)

yogurt sauce – yogurt, cucumber(cut up or shred), pinch of salt, and a squirt of lemon)

pitas (i get mine from Trader Joe’s)


Now all you do is put the ingredients together and you are all set.


See simple and easy. I am linking this to Chic on a Shoestring Decorating; Fingerprints on the Fridge



Million Dollar Decorators

The show, Million Dollar Decorators, was suppose to come out early Spring but Bravo couldn’t figure out what exactly they wanted so the show premiere got pushed. Well the new date is May 31st at 10pm. So mark your calendars, set your DVRs, or just grab a glass of  your favorite wine or beer, sit down and enjoy the drama show.

The series follows five of the most sought-after interior decorators as they navigate the high-pressured design industry for their wealthy, famous, and extremely demanding clients. From a $20 million estate in La Jolla to the Osbourne's new Hollywood apartment, viewers will get an all-access pass inside some of the most stunning homes in the world.

I can’t wait to see it. I love snooping into some of those expensive homes that we dream of.

The decorators:

Nathan Turner



Jeffrey Alan Marks



Mary McDonald


Kathryn Ireland


Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Will you be watching the show? Do you have a favorite designer? I like all of them except Nathan Turner.



May 24, 2011

A different kind of paint

My so-called office is in my bedroom. I am currently working on a wall shelf storage unit to store all of my things. While in this process I have been thinking of ways to make this area of my bedroom functional as well as aesthetically pleasing with the rest of the room.

That’s where the idea of using paint came in: chalkboard, magnetic or dry erase. All these paints are fantastic to work with and will provide an outlet to get creative.

Let’s start with regular chalk board. Very easy to make. When browsing at Home Depot the other day I saw that now you can tint the chalk board. No more black only, color please!


This is an old mirror frame made into a magnetic chalk board. You know you want something like this in your room. Here is the tutorial for how Christina did it.


Reading forums I found out that the magnetic paint will add texture to your wall. A way to get rid of the texture is to sand it down before painting the color of your choice. In most cases people have used earth magnets but from what I read if kids swallow them can cause harm to them, so please be careful. 

Of course the options are limitless when it comes to what you can do with this paint. For example you can use it to create a calendar to stay organized:

Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo - Vinyl Wall Decal


to organize your jars of things

Chalkboard Labels Fun Pack - 12 -  4 oval, 4 rectangle, 4 fancy - 3.5 inch


to create beautiful napkin rings

Chalkboard Napkin Rings Set of 6 wedding country primitive personalized DIY


to create a decorative chalk board

ANTIQUE Chalkboard "OUTDOOR WEDDING" Spring Summer Weddings Restaurant Antique Oval Chalkboard Home Decorative Ornate Chalkboard 29inx21in White Solid Wood Shabby Chic Created By


Do you have a project in mind that you can use any of those paints for? I really like the chalk labels, the napkin rings as well as the decorative board. Since I have an almost two year old I was thinking of painting one of the walls in the garage for her to draw on.

I am linking this to Chic on a Shoestring Design; Fingerprints of the Fridge



May 21, 2011

At home with the Osbourne's

This has been a great morning for me. I was able to get up an hour before my daughter and actually go to the gym for a quick workout. Why on the elliptical (doesn’t treadmill sound better though) flipping through my June issue of Architectural Digest I stumbled on this…Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s home is Los Angeles.

When I picture the home of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne I do  not picture light colors. I picture gothic style look with lots of velvets, lots of dark colors. Can you call me judgmental?  Do you remember their MTV show years ago? I guess they were tired of them as well so they asked the talented celebrity decorator Martyn Lawrence-Bullard to give their home a new look.


I really love the crystal chandelier and clock combination.

04_ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home

The dining room. I really love the colors. The splash of purple in the orchids gives the room a very feminine touch yet the crosses in the bottles feels just like Ozzy.


The staircase. Look at all those records:


The kitchen is so light and airy.

18_ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home 06_ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home

The master bedroom. I have a hard time seeing Ozzy sleep here. It is so feminine and serene. I guess when you love someone you let them do anything. Sounds just like my husband.


13_ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home 14_ozzy_sharon_osbourne_home

photos from Architectural Digest

Can you imagine yourself visiting the Osbourne’s? I have to say I really like their master bedroom.


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