December 11, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Tradition

We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition in 2010 when my daughter was only 1 years old. If you are not familiar with elf on the shelf please read here. In short the concept is that elf comes every year sometime after Thanksgiving and is there to watch the kid(s) during the day and fly off to the North Pole at night to report to Santa. Every morning the kids find Elf in a different spot. The rule is, the kids cannot touch the elf.


Anyways for the past two years my daughter was not very into it. She would ask about elf but not really understand the concept. The first year his name was Buddy, last year he had a name change and became Chippy. This year is so different. She loves that little elf and looks for him every morning. So far has been pretty easy with coming up with ideas but then again if you were to search the internet you will find tons of great ideas.


I am having a lot of fun with setting Chippy up around the house, even almost got caught once. One thing I need to remember is to use my DSLR to take better photos to document the adventures of Chippy. I would love to make a small 5x5 book in the end of each year that we do that.


Day 1

Using balloons to fly in. Chippy is using purple balloons. My daughter’s favorite color


           Elf on the shelf with balloonsElf on the Shelf with Balloons  Elf on the Shelf with a note

Day 2

Chippy decided that he should have his own Christmas tree, so he decorated one

Elf on the shelf with Christmas tree


Day 3

Working on a hidden puzzle that’s inside my daughter’s magazine

Elf on the Shelf with a magazine


Day 4

Playing the piano

Elf on the Shelf playing the piano


Day 5

Drinking hot chocolate

Elf on the Shelf drinking hot chocolate


Day 6

Looking in

Elf on the Shelf with village


Day 7

Left my daughter a note with all the ingredients for making chocolate chip pumpkin cookiesElf on the Shelf making cookies Elf on the Shelf with a recipe note


Day 8




Day 9

Hiding in the baby doll house

Elf on the Shelf hiding in a doll house


Day 10

Riding on a sleigh

Elf on the Shelf riding on a sleigh


Day 11

Hiding in the rain boots

Elf on the Shelf in rain boots


These are all photos from Instagram. You can follow me on there if you would like to see daily updates.

Do you have a little elf on the shelf?


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