June 19, 2013

Wednesday House Tour

I can’t believe I am saying this out loud but I receive about 17 magazines a month. Some of my favorites have to be HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens. Those two magazines are fresh and are so much fun to read. This is a home that I saw in BHG and fell in love with: from the colors to the casual and relaxed feel of the home. The bright colors make the house cheery and very inviting. There are no words to describe the front porch. I can see myself with a good book sitting there for hours.


Contemporary Cottage

Fresh & Fun Living Room

Welcoming Entry

A Twist on Tradition

Savvy Seating

Light & Bright Kitchen

Energy Eatery

Personality-Packed Accents

For the whole article and more photos, please click here.




June 18, 2013

Summer bucket List 2013

Last Thursday was officially my daughter’s last day of school. I survived her first year of preschool. I remember the first month of preschool, the constant crying and fear of going to school. Me having to sit in the classroom, pregnant, for three hours to try to ease her into it. At the end of the school year she just ran in her classroom waving a quick good bye.



I don't like like to make plans way too far in advance because somehow my plans always change. I like being a last minute person for the most part especially with a newborn. Madison and I were working on a summer bucket list and somehow we came up with practically the same things as last year. You can check out our list here. Then I remembered all the pins sitting in my summer board on Pinterest and came across this summer schedule.


summer schedule photo credit: Somewhat Simple


What I like about this schedule is that every day has a theme. I think in the end we will be incorporating both our summer bucket list as well as the summer schedule into our daily activities to make things more interesting to my almost 4 year old. I have a few things already lined up for us and cannot wait to record them. For example on Mondays we can make things that I have found on Pinterest: some kids crafting, painting; on Tuesdays we can go to the local library to story time; on Wednesdays we can make kids appropriate recipes such as cookies, cupcakes, kids size pizza. For the summer I have signed Madison up for art class on Thursdays so we can either have that day as our “Somewhere fun day” or continue with the “Be thoughtful day”. Only time will tell!


To be completely honest with myself and you, the readers, I am not sure how committed I will be to the blog this summer but I will try to update every so often. If you would like to keep up with me you can always find me on Instagram – my handle is megan_splendiddesign or check out the sidebar on the right.




June 17, 2013

It’s been awhile…

Okay, it’s been what…two months since my last post? Well, I had my little girl…baby Sawyer…back on April 23. We are so happy to have this little addition to our family. Being on bed rest for the last two months of my pregnancy was so worth it for this little girl. Yes, she was born with so much hair, which startled me a little bit…Madison was born with barely any hair.



It is amazing how time flies even faster with two kids. I am not sure how others do it (especially other bloggers who are back to blogging the first week) but I barely get anything done. Oh, wait I don’t get anything done! There are days where I don’t even get the chance to take a shower. This is the first time in I don’t know how long that I have been able to get on my computer (love my Iphone, where I can get a lot of things done on there). With summer right around the corner and Sawyer getting a little older, I really hope that things will settle down and without having to rush to get Madison to school in the mornings things will be a little easier.


Thank you everyone (if there is anyone left reading my blog other than my mom) for continuing to read my little blog. I really appreciate it!



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