July 30, 2011

Party Feature: It’s raining party

When I saw this party featured on Amy Atlas it reminded me of Seattle right away. Poor Seattle has been having the worst summer weather if you ask me. Finally is in the low 70s and you get to see the sun.

I know, I know you are not here to read about the weather in Seattle, but about the party. This party was created by Jenni from Crossing the Bugger – Dixon Line. Jenni created this party for her son and I love it. Aren’t those fluffy clouds cute?

I am so excited to be buying umbrella boots for my daughter this year. She loves them very much and was very disappointed when we couldn’t get them last year because her feet weren’t big enough. 


Can you believed it actually pored down rain on the day of the party. Jennie has done a great job down to the last little detail. I love the colors on the party as well. It is rather cheerful for a raining party, don’t you think? Very cute party.



July 29, 2011

Pinterest your Friday!

I have told you that I have an addiction to Pinterest. I can spend hours upon hours on the website getting inspired. So I decided to make this into a weekly thing where every Friday I will show you some of the pins, from design to food to a craft, I have either found or pinned into my boards.

Isn’t the display of photos below lovely?

I am really loving the colors in this little vignette

                                         Source: myevergreenonline.com via Megan on Pinterest


Do you remember the bubble' lighting post? Well, here is one of the many tutorials I found online.


This is stryrofoam covered with fabric. Pretty neat,huh?

Finished project photo - Garden Collage Wall Art

                Source: styrofoamcrafts.com via Megan on Pinterest


Paper dolls made from sewing patterns envelopes

                                     Source: doecdoe.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest


I love this wall artwork. It gives the wall such a character.

                                      Source: absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest


Loving this rustic kitchen

                           Source: prettysimplelife.tumblr.com via Megan on Pinterest


Love the bed being right next to the window, perfect place to read a book!

                  Source: whi.assets.prod.lg1x3z.simplecdn.net via Megan on Pinterest


Aren’t the gray barn doors great?

          Source: traditionalhome.com via Megan on Pinterest


I love that blue on the chairs as well as the bright white fabric on the sofa

         Source: traditionalhome.com via Megan on Pinterest


Crostini with figs, prosciutto and goat cheese, yummy!

                                Source: jasonandshawnda.com via Megan on Pinterest



Happy pinning everyone!



July 28, 2011

For the love…of wine corks

Everyone has the occasional glass of vino and some have the occasional bottle, but I am not here to judge. To be quite honest I am not a very big wine drinker unless its a very sweet wine. I think its called dessert wine, right?  Growing up my grandparents made their own wine with grapes from the vine growing in their yard. I remember having a sip here and there since we were way underage, but was never pleased with the way it tasted.

Here are few examples of what you can do with those left over corks. I wonder how many year it would take me to collect that many corks? No I am not crazy enough to go buy a bag of wine corks from Pottery Barn. I guess if I was to do any of those crafts I will have to ask family and friends to help me out.

creating a shoe mat via

creating a rubber stamp via

Isn’t this cute? Creating place card holders can be found here

Heart Wine Cork Wall Decor and Bulletin Board

Heath wine cork wall decor found here but something that can be easily made

Create monogrammed letter just like the ones found here

Cork Boats

How about these cute little boats, tutorial found here

Lavender Scallops Cork Magnets Set of 3

cute little magnets found here

Make your own wreath, tutorial found here

cork balls anyone, tutorial found here


I think I am all corked out. Have you used wine corks on a project before? Please feel free to share with me.


I am linking this to Chic on a Shoestring Design


July 27, 2011

House Feature: Healthy Home 2010

Hi! I know it’s been a while! Last week was very busy and exhausting! First my daughter was sick with high temperature for over four days that turned into a coughing with runny nose while my husband has been sick for the past few weeks to getting ready for my drive up to WA and my vacation that is coming up.

I saw this home in Traditional Home Magazine and I knew that I had to share it with you. This home is newly build but does not have the new home smell. You won’t smell any odors from the recently installed carpet or the fresh paint. The decor of the showhome was inspired after the homeowner, Victoria Di Lorio, toured a LEED house in Chicago.

While doing research on green homes Victoria found and joined an organization called Healthy Child Healthy Word. The organization is hoping to alert families to chemical hazards and educating on creating healthful environments and embracing nontoxic practices. She used them as an inspiration when decorating the house.

The walls and trim in the house are finished with Benjamin Moore low-VOC Natura paint. The naturally stain- resistant wool rug is colored with vegetable dyes. The furniture in the living room are created with sustainable woods. 

Light fixtures throughout the house are on dimmers to save energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs were not used because of their mercury content.

The floors are locally sourced and sustainable white oak that are finished with a low-VOC stain and water based topcoat.

The sofa table and fireplace surround were locally made with wood from a walnut tree fallen in a storm. The tiles on the fireplace are made from bronze, a metal that can be recycled repeatedly.

They used 100% organic cotton sheets in the bedroom.

The tub is framed by quartz surfacing from Cambria, a U.S. company practicing eco-kind process. The bath fixtures such as the faucets, toilets, and other Kohler plumbing fixtures are water sense-certified to conserve water usage.

The fairy-tale mural on the wall is actually painted on a canvas and framed by white molding. One day the painting can be removed and used somewhere else. 

All images via Traditional Home

Victoria created the showhouse mostly to educate others about the “…simple,everyday lifestyle choices they can make that will create healthier environments for families.”  Her simple suggestions: “  Take off your shoes when you step into the house, open windows for 10 minutes a week, ask questions about how products are made. All those things add up.”

I say the house looks pretty good, no design was sacrificed in the name of being green. What do you think? Are you environmentally aware? Do you turn off the lights when you leave a room?




July 22, 2011

Out Sick

As much as I wanted to blog and get things done this week someone had other plans for me. My daughter has not been feeling good since Wednesday when she woke up with a fever that progressed to over 103.8 by night time. Hopefully she will kick this cold soon until then I have to attend and take care of my little beauty.
Have a great weekend everyone.
See you next week.

July 19, 2011

Bubble lights

I love these bubble lights. They give the room that spectacular focal point. The single globe lights give the room a more masculine feel and the multi bubble fixture gives the room a more elegant, whimsical feel. I adore both looks. I would love to have lights like this at my house but it will just have to wait. I am thinking that I will do something with bubble lights at our next home, but you never know I might consider it for my current home.





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