July 7, 2011

Pottery Barn Fall 2011 Preview

I know summer just started, but  Pottery Barn is preparing us for what to expect in their stores this fall. Some say it is too early, I say it is fantastic because then I have time to think, get inspired and look for fall pieces all summer long. Hello, flea markets and Home Goods!

Not too excited about the chairs, but I love the flooring.

Isn’t the pie dish and the salt in the cute little wheel barrel with salt adorable? I might have to get me one when it comes in stores.

I really love how they used watermelons for menu holders. Watermelon and sunflowers? Love this combination. Now if I could have that fireplace.

Now I really wish that fall was coming sooner rather than five months from now. Yes, I am not crazy, just living in Southern California. Although some of the ideas in the last table setting can be perfect for late summer hosting party dinner.

I would love to hear what you think.




  1. I'm so excited to see something new in the store. The ocean theme has run it's course and I'm tired of looking at it everytime I go in there!

  2. Oooo...just wait until you see all their new pillows...I am *dying* over a couple of them! Hubby is going to be furious (c: I'm *SO* ready for fall...but alas, Phoenix isn't going to be cooler until after freakin' Halloween!!!


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