July 30, 2011

Party Feature: It’s raining party

When I saw this party featured on Amy Atlas it reminded me of Seattle right away. Poor Seattle has been having the worst summer weather if you ask me. Finally is in the low 70s and you get to see the sun.

I know, I know you are not here to read about the weather in Seattle, but about the party. This party was created by Jenni from Crossing the Bugger – Dixon Line. Jenni created this party for her son and I love it. Aren’t those fluffy clouds cute?

I am so excited to be buying umbrella boots for my daughter this year. She loves them very much and was very disappointed when we couldn’t get them last year because her feet weren’t big enough. 


Can you believed it actually pored down rain on the day of the party. Jennie has done a great job down to the last little detail. I love the colors on the party as well. It is rather cheerful for a raining party, don’t you think? Very cute party.



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  1. CUTEST. PARTY. EVER. I can't even take in all the adorable details, there are so many!!! Those clear umbrellas with the decorations in them are killing me! Love it!


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