July 18, 2011

Hampton Design House 2011

Full of color and sophisticated neutrals could be seen at the showhouse in Sag Harbor, New York.

Designers Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler had two great inspirations for this room: the orange-and-white chain-link grass cloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries and the new season of Mad Men for this pool lounge. Too much orange? I am not a very big fan of orange but I have to say I like this room.


Bold in its neutrality, the serene den by Patrik Lönn was inspired by what he calls “the dry beach” concept. “I was propelled by the water, sand, and driftwood on the beaches of Long Island, the majestic sailboats with their canvas sails, and Montauk Point’s grand lighthouse with its bold horizontal-striped tower,” says Lönn.


The classic white kitchen designed by Bob Bakes. Ha, his last name fits with designing a kitchen. Maybe he is a great baker?! Bad joke, ha? I enjoy that even though it is all white it is still very inviting with the use of materials such as wood and metal and bringing fresh flowers and fruits.


The family room was created by Mary Foley and Michael Cox, where they imagined that a young couple will inherit the property from an old relative combining the antiques with modern pieces.


“A hidden jewel” is referred to the loft  by Lisa Sternfeld who designed the space. Curtains and Roman shades are made from raw burlap. The rug is hand-made from salvaged strands of vintage wool, goat hair, hemp, and linen. “There’s perfection in imperfection,” muses Sternfeld.”  I am loving the burlap curtains!

With its soft lilac palette, mirrored surfaces, and elegant accessories, the master bedroom Skye Kirby and Diane Karmen designed for Lillian August took its inspiration as much from fashion magazines as interior design books. Taking their cue from some of their favorite tattered fashion tomes, the design team started with an elegant base--lilac to be exact--and then sprinkled a smattering of accessories and jewel-like accents throughout.

This room reminds me a of the Osbourne’s master bedroom, hmm?


The blue-and-white palette reflects the environment here--the ocean, the sky. It’s beachy, yet serene.” This master bathroom is a perfect addition to the master bedroom. Designer Susanne Kelley incorporated more freestanding pieces and fewer built-ins to make the bathroom feel more living a living room.  “It's less institutional,” says Kelley. “Cozier.”

“The room had no windows,” explains Stephens “so I decided to design the space as a modern speakeasy: a game room that inspires adventurous mixology and friendly competition.” I think that this game room was done very stylishly, yet it’s very masculine by Bradley Stephens.

To see the rest of the house and for resources click here.

What did you think? Do you have a favorite room?




  1. Hands down, one of the best and most creatively energizing spaces I've ever seen! Love all the color and texture. Stunning!

  2. That house is *aaaaaaaaamazing*! I'm with Michaela, so creative and full of energy! Brilliant.


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