April 14, 2013

Sunday Funnies

One thing that I always look forward to is Sundays! Sunday mornings are lazy mornings. This is the only time that we do not rush out of the door to get to somewhere. We sit down and read the Sunday Newspaper, we take our time eating breakfast, we just relax and enjoy each other’s company without interruptions!


One thing that I love about my day is reading the funnies in the newspaper! Sometimes they are a true reflection of our lives in a funny way! You are probably very familiar with  Someecards…well, they make me laugh constantly! I just love them and they can lift my mood no matter what!


Here are some of my favorites this week:


This is not a Someecard but it is so true and so funny when it’s not happening at the time. I remember taking me three hours to run a few errands a few months ago. I was so exhausted by the end that I had to take a nap. True story!




I am so having fun that I might turn this into a regular Sunday series!

“The Sunday Funnies!”

Would you like that?




April 13, 2013

Just a little update!

I am not sure if there is anyone else left other than my family reading my blog but I figured I need to do this. A little too personal post about what has been going on for the past five months. 

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I didn’t have any complications. I was able to sit back and relax. I didn’t have anything to worry about. Well, this pregnancy has been just a tad bit different.  Once I hit the 10 weeks mark I started having horrible morning sickness that required Zofran to help me get through the day. Then all of a sudden I found myself sick every few weeks from Halloween until end of February. Fun, right!

Being sick on top of trying to run after a very active toddler who by the way started preschool in February (what an experience that was, much better now) left me with no energy to get anything done. 

Of course, the biggest thing during this pregnancy was always hearing “Everything is Okay, but….” Now, if everything is okay, why is there “a but” in the end? At 31 weeks I was told that the fluids around the baby are in the normal low and I will have to be monitored twice a week. Well two weeks into it the fluids got lower and lower. I had to be hospitalized because at one point I was told there were no fluids (I guess if there is a water pocket with the cord in it, the tech cannot measure it).  Thankfully I was released after 24 hours in the hospital but was told to be on strict bedrest. It has been four weeks since then. 

The baby is doing fine, me on the other hand is going stir crazy. Since I am told to lie in bed on my sides I can’t really sit and use my computer; my back is really starting to hurt all the time, and there is not a whole lot going on TV during the day.  Although I am very thankful that the baby is doing fine and that my awesome mom has flown in to help me with my daughter, I am starting to get very frustrated.  Frustration that I have to rely on others to get ready for the baby, to go out and buy a welcome home outfit and other baby necessity; of course the tasks of regular chores and food shopping (I miss going to the stores). Frustration that I have not even half way done projects all around the house that will have to be finished once the baby comes. Frustration to have to rely on others and at the same time very grateful to have such a supportive and helpful family. 

The baby’s due date is two weeks away but I am taking things one day at a time. If at any time from now on there is no measurable fluid around the baby I will be induced. I really hate the uncertainty. I am a natural planner. Believe it or not I had blog posts planned for the past five months but somehow with everything going on the blog has been very, very neglected. 

My upcoming goals are to deliver a healthy baby, spend some quality time with my first born once the baby comes (although she has been very understanding, I can tell that she is getting frustrated that mommy can’t do anything with her), go on a date with my husband (it’s been over a year I think) and then to spend some time on the blog. I cannot promise anything but I would love to get back into blogging once things settle down and we get accustom to the changes in our lives. 

Thank you for your understanding.  If you would like to follow what’s going on in my life, you can find me on Instagram. (see widget to the right side)
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