August 1, 2011

That’s who I want to be when I grow up!

Growing up I wanted to be an architect, I even applied for architecture school when I was 13 years old ( I applied for biology school at 11, but that’s a story for another time). I remember taking my 5 hour math test to get scores that allow me to apply for the architectural school on a hot summer day. Then I changed countries and instead of going into architecture, I decided to get into interior design.

Now everyone can be an architect. Look what Mattel has come up with : Barbie Architect. This is the 2011 Barbie profession chosen by popular vote. The doll comes with hard hat, carrying case for her latest designs, and a model Dream House. The dolls comes out in stores August 15th.

BARBIE® I CAN BE...™ Architect Doll -


Of course there are other choices for careers in the ”Barbie I can be” series but there is a one that made me chuckle a little. This is Barbie Computer Engineer doll but when I saw her all I can think of her is Barbie blogger.

Barbie® I Can Be...™ Computer Engineer* Doll -

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Now that my daughter is almost two and is getting into dolls I am trying to figure out if I should get her a Barbie, an American girl doll or pass down to her my Barbie doll that is 20 years old. Other than her haircut you will never know that the doll is that old. What I love about my Barbie is that she has diamonds in her eyes, a ring on her finder and bendable legs. I was never big on playing with dolls, but I loved sewing and knitting outfits for my Barbie. I even made underwear for the doll since I couldn’t figure out what she didn’t have any. I have seen a couple of dolls now that have painted underwear in case you were wondering.


This is my daughter with my Barbie and my Selena doll I received when I was born, so over 20 years ago.  Do you have a doll that you have kept from your childhood?

I am really considering getting the architect Barbie for Madison since I think that I have a little designer on my hands as well. Here she is measuring the wall after I was done taking some measurements at my parents’ house. Maybe I should get Madison her own measuring tape for her birthday that is two days away.

IMG_7157 IMG_7158


Did you know what you wanted to be growing up? 





  1. Haha... great post. Shes adorable!

  2. Blogger barbie, hehehe! That is *awesome*! I have so, *SO* many memories of epic barbie playing with my sister...I will definitely be getting my little girl one (someday!)...I love that you have dolls that you can pass down! Being the oldest of 6 kiddos in my fam, all my toys got usurped )c:

  3. When I was little i wanted to be literally everything under the sun. But so glad I chose interior design! Being an architect still interests me, though. I kinda really want that Barbie...ya know, for me....age 20 (;


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