August 10, 2011

Rustic Villas

Have you seen the movie “Under the Tuscan sun”? It is a great movie. The story is about a woman who after getting divorced during her vacation decides on a whim to buy a villa. Then she hires three workers to help her rebuild the home, well actually its more of repairing the villa. Such a fun movie, but to be quite honest I was more interested in the landscapes and the villa itself. The cool part is that the movie was actually filmed in Italy.

Is this what you think when someone says to you “Picture a villa in Tuscany”?

or something like this

or how about this

now, what about this?

and last but not least this

I am in love with villas in Tuscany. They have that charm of old architecture surrounded by grape vines. The exterior is constructed from natural stone like marble, travertine or limestone. The roof is usually made from overlapping, rounded, terracotta orange tiles. My grandma’s home in Bulgaria is actually made from natural stones and has the terracotta orange tiles for the roof. Unfortunately back in the 80s not sure who decided to cement over the stone. Sad :(


Interior ceilings feature exposed beams made from reclaimed wood. The surfaces are richly textured or plastered over. Chandeliers are often used for additional drama. Floors are made from terracotta, glazed porcelain, ceramic or marble.

Would you live in the villa if given the chance? As long as I have a running water and electricity I would love to live in a villa like the ones pictured above.



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