August 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs

Michaela Noelle

Hi all! I'm Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs!  I'm really excited to be here at Splendid Design today! I'm an interior design major at Seattle Pacific University and am totally, head-over-heels, in love with all things design.  

Today I'm going to share some insight from one of my favorite topics: color psychology.  Colors have the innate ability to make you feel a certain way...reminds me of mood rings from when we were little.
Let's dive in!

The Joyful Energizer: Yellow

Yellow is refreshing.  It's adds life to any room, rejuvenating the soul.  It's pure and bright characteristics of the hue offer energy and happiness.  Last year in class we discovered that painting a nursery a bright tone of yellow may cause the baby to be too awake and energetic, therefore causing more crying.  Silly, but it could be true!  Yellow is the brightest color on the color wheel, so your eye will be immediately drawn to something yellow, even if it's surrounded by multiple other colors. 

The Bold Show Stopper: Red

Did you know it's actually proven that when a person walks into a room of red, their heart rate will automatically increase? It gets your blood pumping.  Red is the absolute most appetizing color.  So serving food on red plates or eating in a room with red walls or accents will actually make someone more hungry {and perhaps enjoy your cooking even more!}  Sarah Richardson nailed this dining area with punches of red, warming up the space, while the accents of blue anchor the room.  

The Haven: Purple

Purple is definitely my favorite color on the color wheel.  Sitting directly opposite of yellow, purple is the perfect color to make you feel at peace.  Peace and serenity is only fitting for the personality of purple as it exudes confidence, creativity, and passion.  It is also the color of royalty, and who doesn't like feeling like a princess?

The Tranquil Get-Away: Blue

Reminding us of the sea, sky, and rushing rivers, blue will sooth our soul.  Want to know a secret? Blue is the most unappetizing color.  In fact, if you ever go to a salad bar or buffet table, a lot of the time they will strategically give you blue plates so you'll automatically not take as much food, because you're not as hungry just by looking at the plate!

All Natural: Green
Green brings the outdoors in.  Green is said to bring new life and a sense of freshness to a space.   In other avenues of life, we attribute green with money, health, and jealousy.  In the home, though, it often tends to have a calming effect, much like purple and blue.  Did you know guests on TV shows wait in "green rooms" intentionally, so they can de-stress before their appearance? I love how designer, Tobi Fairley, is bold in her color choice!  This is a great example of how to make a statement with pieces in the room, not necessarily your wall color.

The Understated Grace: Neutrals

 Just because you chose neutral paint, furniture and accessories doesn't mean you have no personality!  You have a quite a distinct one, actually.  Neutral colors are said to be relaxing, soft, plush, pleasant, graceful, and have a sense of understated elegance.  White couches and rugs also say "I'm bold, daring, and luxurious enough to own something white".  I happen to be very drawn to neutral spaces, with perhaps a touch of color in the rug, pillows, or flowers.  One tip- when trying to achieve this look, be sure to include more texture in your space.  Texture is what makes neutral rooms shine, as seen in the beautiful fireplace above!

Thank you so much, Megan, for letting me take over your blog today. I so enjoy reading your blog and adore that we share our love for design!


  1. Beautiful! I would love to have those dining room chairs in the red fabric!

  2. Loving all these colours and some really gorgeous room inspiration as well!


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