August 9, 2011


S’mores is one of my favorite thing to eat during the summer. I love sitting by the fire melting the marshmallow with the chocolate, yummy! Well, I figured that sometimes it is hard to make s’mores, can you imagine someone standing over their gas stove trying to make them, dangerous, but smores are a good pick me up.

Well I searched the web for few options on how you are create all things s’mores. Get ready, get set, drooling over permitted.


S’mores Popcorn


S’mores Pie


S’mores Pops

Smores Pop


S’mores Cakelettes


S’mores thumbprint cookies

Smores Thumbprint


S’mores Pudding


S’mores Cake


S’mores cake in a jar


Last but not least, s’mores cupcakes

All this looks very yummy. Maybe I will have a smores tonight. I just need to build a fire. Do you like smores?

Before I go I will leave you with a fun fact. Tomorrow, August 10th, is a National S’mores Day. No one is sure how the day was established but one things is know that the Girl Scouts are the one who popularized the yummy treat. So go ahead, make one or two!




  1. Oh yum! I definitely have a soft spot for s'mores! DE-licious!

  2. Oh you are in *SO* much trouble for showing me this!! Do you know how long it's going to take me to make and try all these??? (c:


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