August 15, 2011

Guest Blogger: Shelli from A'la Mode

Hi Ya'll!  Shelli from a' la mode here- greetings from Nashville, Tennessee!  I'm so happy to be poppin' over for a visit to Megan's blog today, thank you for having me!

I have always loved home decor, but my design style has evolved and matured over the years, no doubt.  It has been a process!  I have always loved the hunt of beautiful things and I am a 'finder' by nature. 
 I am drawn to an eclectic mix of traditional furnishings and clean lines.  I love pops of color but on a calm and serene base palette.  I want there to be history in my space mixed with new, fresh furnishings.  I want the walls to speak about me and my family.  My pet peve would be unusable space within a home so I strive to make all rooms functional.  I am a neat freak but have relaxed because of my sweet baby girl (I fought that battle and lost out of pure love).  

Here is a glimpse of the place I call home....
add a chandy and a little pink to claim a girly space (especially if its for YOU)  
a little pop of turquoise never hurt anyone...

ahhhh, fresh flowers.  I wish I had them all the time, but I get them when I can.
Eye candy is good!

I adore mixed seating to add interest to a space.  

My name is Shelli and I am a pillow addict.  Its a problem.  
But if its wrong, I don't wanna be right.....
Afterall, it is literally the least expensive way to change up your space, add color, texture, etc.

I love taking something old, with history, to ground the space.  My husband's sweet baby clothes are in shadow boxes above my sweet baby girl's crib.

I am also a duvet hoarder.  But we won't get into that....

after seeing this picture I decided I hated the knobs, so I  changed them to this...

Do you ever do that?  
I love you Anthropologie.

My guest room retreat

The driftwood makes me wanna be at the beach!

Again with the mixed seating.  Hello chair addiction.  
Don't judge.

And finally, the kitchen where I cook fabulous gourmet meals order takeout a lot.
My choice would not be dark cabinets and granite but hey, I just brighten it up with a lighter rug, bright ceramics and a punchy fabric on my bench.  Love the one you're with, right?

Thanks Megan for letting me be part of your lovely blog for a day!
For more pictures and sources, please visit 
a' la mode home tour
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xoxo, Shelli


  1. J'adore in a major way! Love Shelli!

  2. What paint color did you use? I like it because it made the place so big and fresh. The lights compliments to the color of the paint which made the place fresh.


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