August 10, 2011

House Tour: Villa in Italy’s Chianti region

Let’s tour this fortress in Italy’s Chianti region that goes back to the 11 Century. Originally this was a the deconsecrated church and an adjacent apartment but the couple who bought it hired an architect and a designer to conjoin it to a single residence.

Do you see the cross on the floor. The restoration of the church was done with direction of an institution that was in charge of preserving Italy’s cultural heritage.   

The dining room, with its original beams, previously served as a loggia connecting the apartment to the church. Can I say that I love exposed beams. They are great for adding character to the room as well as visual point that somehow always ties a room together.

Look at this massive fireplace. I love the kettle handing right in the middle. This is perfect for any kitchen.

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What do you think? Can you imagine living it this villa?



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