August 12, 2011

Next week’s line up

Hi, all!

I have been keeping a little secret from you. I left for Bulgaria on Monday. I usually do not like announcing when I leave since you never know who is reading your stuff on the Internet these days. The last time I was in Bulgaria it was three years ago right before I got pregnant with my daughter, so I am very excited to be back to see my home country as a mother and have some of my family finally meet my husband and daughter.

With that I am also very excited for next week! While I am enjoying my very long vacation (even if hubby will be only here for few short days), five very awesome bloggers will be filling in for me. Don’t you worry I will be posting photos, lots of photos when I come back.


Shelli from A’ la mode




Aubrey from All Things Bright & Beautiful

{ All Things Bright and Beautiful }



Megan from A Lived in Home

A Lived in Home



Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs

Michaela Noelle



Aubree from Keeping with the Seamans


Come back next week and check out what the girls have in store for you. Have a great weekend!




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