August 8, 2011

The color brown

I know that is summer and to be honest who would want to think of a room right now using the nice rich color of brown, the color of chocolate. I know that there are so many variations of the color brown: tan, beige, light and dark brown but today we will see what dark brown can do for you room. The drama that it brings to any room. Plus it is a practical and sensible color which implies common sense. It hides the dirt!

“Some browns can show a degree of sophistication or elegance, depending on other colors associated with the brown. For example, brown with a soft white or ivory can appear stylish and classy, although more casual than black with soft white or ivory.”

Brown is the color of structure and support. Brown is friendly and approachable. It is loyal and trustworthy and dependable in a practical and realistic way.

I find interiors done with the color brown to be elegant. My favorite color combination for brown is brown and blue. So serene but unfortunately sometimes the room can feel a little too cold.

This is a little better. It feels cheery. I am loving the color of the chandelier and the funky board on the wall.

Paring brown with gold makes the room more on the warm side. I can see myself laying on the sofa reading a book with coffee in my hand yet I am not a coffee drinker.

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Are you a fan of the color brown? Do you have a favorite combination?



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