May 16, 2011

Color Inspiration

How is everyone? Did you have a great weekend? We switched my daughter’s swimming class from Sunday to Monday mornings so until about 20 minutes ago I was imagining thinking that it’s Sunday. Sundays to me are to unwind and not to be on the computer. I guess my clue should have been that I read the Sunday newspaper yesterday. Oh well.

Color is everywhere, color is what sets the mood in a room, color is associated with emotions, with eating, with fashion, color is part of nature. Its amazing how you can take a sentimental item that has beautiful colors and design a whole room around it, or walk by a flower on a hike and think that the color is so vibrant that you would love to have your living room walls painted that color. I found Design Seeds a few months ago and have been inspired everyday. Jessica has a great eye for color and the photographs themselves are very inspirational.

Here are a few examples:

CornPalette1ColorDawn2  ColorField

FloralBrights SettingHues1 TulipHues

ColorPier CupcakeRedsPeachyPetals

Well, off to get some homework done. School finals are in a week which means lot’s of studying coming my way. Have a great rest of your Monday!



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