February 12, 2014

Olaf Valentine

I am guessing you have heard about the movie “Frozen”. Maybe you might have seen it once or twice? Well, my daughter is obsessed with the movie and the characters and the music. For the first time is a very long time I had my act together and was able to spend a little more time with her on her school Valentines so we decided to create Olaf, the cute little snowman.

My daughter was so excited that I forgot to take a better photo of the finished product. Here she is with her Valentines on our way to school. (by the way I am loving our So Cal winter).



The printable was easy to create using free digital paper that I downloaded as the background and then using picmokey to create the rest. I love how easy is to create so many custom looking printables on picmonkey.


Olaf Valentine

The supply list was: big marshmallows for the body, small marshmallows for the feet, left over Halloween candy for the nose, stick pretzels for the arms and small chocolate chips for the eyes and the buttons.

These Valentines where so popular with her class that most of the kids eat “Olaf” before even getting a chance to make him. Because of the popularity of the movie, my daughter has requested a Frozen party. Hmm! Maybe, just maybe!


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