August 26, 2014

Back to School Breakfast

Today I wanted to share with you our simple “Back to School” Breakfast that I whipped up last school year for my daughter and was featured at Everyday Party Magazine. With a new baby and the whole school thing being new to me, I had no idea what’s to expected when my daughter started preschool.

This was a simple breakfast that I set up for my daughter's first day of school. This was her official first day of preschool and I wanted to do something special for her. Of course sometimes we remember things or wanting to do something special for our kids or a significant other at the last minute.

It was the evening before her first day of preschool. I knew that she would be excited and nervous at the same time so I decided that I wanted to make her morning extra special. After searching Pinterest for ideas I realized that I would have to rely on items that I have already and free printables. 

I knew that I will not have time to make warm breakfast in the morning so I decided to cook chocolate muffins the night before. In the morning I set the muffins on a cake stand on top of two books to elevate the stand holding the muffins. I placed her favorite yogurt in a whisky glass (classy, I know) and her chocolate milk in a clear bottle for a better visual. The cupcake toppers are part of a pack of free "Back to School" printables I found of Pinterest. The two prints "Back to School" and " You are Braver than you Believe..." I created and printed the night before. As a place mat I used Michael's scrapbooking paper, left over from a different project.

In all fairness to set up this special breakfast cost me nothing, but the excitement seen on my daughter's face that morning was priceless.


Back to school breakfast

              IMG_2953 IMG_2958


          IMG_4017  IMG_4012



  1. Hi Megan,
    What a sweet and special way to start a new chapter in her life and yours. Have a good evening and thanks for sharing this with us :)


    1. Thank you Janet! This has been one of my favorite traditions for during back to school time.



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