December 10, 2014

Days Until Christmas Countdown

So Christmas is less than two weeks away...How did that happen? Even though I love Christmas a lot, as in it's my favorite holiday, I am yet to fully decorate the house. So until I can (or even if I do) I have set up a little vignette to get us in the mood.

My kids are really into the holidays, but you can tell that Christmas might be their favorite holiday. One of the things that we started with was a countdown to Christmas. My kids love knowing how far away the holiday is. This was an easy project that was done over a a weekend because of drying of drying time.

This project is made out of piece of pine common board that I stained. Then I stenciled the "Days until Christmas" and glued a piece of smaller chalkboard wood to the big board. As a said very easy project.


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