October 17, 2011

Halloween Treats

I love sweets! I would take any excuse to eat something sweet. I know most of us are either going or hosting a Halloween party, bringing treats to the kids’ school, etc. so I decided to have few post dedicated to Halloween: treats, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and kids inspired lunches. Stay tuned for the other posts!


Apple Bites via

Teeth Made Out of Apples Halloween Recipe


Halloween Inspired Strawberries

Pinned Image


Tombstone Brownies via

Halloween brownies


Candy Corn Parfait via

candy corn parfait recipe


Spider Webs via


Candy Corn pudding via


Marshmallow Bones via

Marshmallow Bones


Gross eyes via


Creepy Fingers via

Pinned Image


Mummy via


Q-tip with ear wax via

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Coming up next Halloween cupcakes.



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  1. this has to be my favorite post yet, the q tips are discussing but cool, show me more ! ! !



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