October 5, 2011

House Tour: Sarah Richardson’s home

This is probably not the first time and for sure will not be the last time you will hear me say that Sarah Richardson is one of my favorite interior designers. Her style is clean, simple and elegant. Plus I love that she brings vintage items to her some of her designs as well as DIY projects.  There hasn’t been a space that she has designed that I haven’t envisioned myself living there.


Well a couple of days ago I picked up a brand new spanking magazine….HGTV magazine. That’s right, HGTV has launched their own magazine. You can read a little more about it here.


Anyways I was very excited to see Sarah’s old farmhouse at the HGTV magazine. We , the readers, even got to get a pick into her pantry and closets. Pretty neat. You may remember seeing the remodel of the farm house on HGTV last year.




“Nothing is off-limits to the kids. Not even our vintage china. We use it all the time. I think it’s nice to learn at a young age to appreciate pretty things. And if it breaks, it breaks. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it?”



“I rearrange furniture at least once a year. I have two sofas and lots of different chairs that I mix up. And my lightweight footstools are always on the move. I put them in just about every design job I do. They work as extra seating, laptop landing pads, and puzzle for the kids.”




Such an organization. I love the ribbon drawer for sure. Do you have a favorite part about Sarah’s house? Have a great Wednesday everyone. Oh, don’t forget new season of Sarah starts October 18th on HGTV.





  1. Thank you for this post... it is the perfect country weekend home, isn't it? I love all the natural textures and simple fabrics, it's comfortable and not at all stuffy.

  2. Such a lovely home! :)
    Love the ribbon drawer!

  3. I love looking at Sarah's country home, well every one of the homes that she has done. The country home is so peaceful and graceful like Sarah.

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