March 24, 2012


I was in a funk for the past month. I haven’t had a chance to get on the computer for the past few weeks other than to check Facebook and Pinterest occasionally. I am so behind on getting things done for this blog. I am so behind on leaving comments on other blogs. I am so behind on working on my new business design. I am so behind on finishing a couple of my projects. Why? Because life with my family comes first. Because I do not have anyone living close to us that can help us. Mom, if you are reading this could you please come over.


Okay bitterness, whining is over. I took an unintentional hiatus for a month. My daughter is growing up so fast. She will be 3 in August and will start preschool in the fall. Although I am very excited about her starting school I am also getting very anxious. I decided that I will spend as much as I can with her to enjoy this time. Of course as always we spend time going to the park, the local kids museum, Disney, the beach,the library, the book store but now we have added arts and crafts, music, cooking/baking, dress up. As much as I love my kid she is not the easiest ---she is a very picky eater which makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner an event; she doesn’t go to bed until 10pm every night no matter how tired she is and no matter how much we want her to go to sleep prior to then…I guess that’s the European in her.




As much as I love blogging I realized that it was taking me about 30 hours a week to do anything blogging related. That’s on top of my business and other activities I have committed to. I know that success doesn’t come to those who sit on their bums and without hard work but I realized that at this stage I do not want my daughter to constantly keep on seeing the back of my head or me not enjoying outing with my family because I am feeling guilty that I am not blogging.


I am not quitting blogging by any means. I just need to take a brake or two once in the while after all I am not a professional blogger. I do have to admit I did miss it at one point and I knew that I was in a funk but I felt that I really needed that brake to spend time with my family.


Now while I took this this time off my husband and I decided to start spring cleaning (another reason why I stayed away from the computer).  We tackled a lot of projects on our to-do list yet we have so much more to get done.  Hopefully it will be all done one day.


We worked on our little patio



We worked on putting photo frames up



We worked on organizing our garage and kitchen pantries




I can’t believe that I just showed you how messy our garage is. I should have follow up photos in a the next few weeks or so if you want to come back and take a look.

Happy Monday everyone.



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