September 5, 2012

Kids Display artwork

My daughter started preschool yesterday. At first she did great but by the time I can back (an hour later) she was frantically crying in the play yard by herself with no teacher to sooth her. Poor girl was running frantic calling for me so hard, it makes me cry even thinking about now. There was something about her teachers that rubbed me the wrong way so I made the rational decision and right then and there I pulled her out of the school. That’s one decision that I am not regretting at all.


Since I pulled her out of the preschool, and while trying to find a different preschool, I enrolled my daughter into a few activities that I know that she would love. One of them is her favorite: painting. Every week we will paint something new and I would love to be able to showcase it. After all she is my little artist, right!


While I figure out the best way to showcase her artwork at our house I wanted to see what other people in bloggy world have set up for their kids. It’s amazing all the different ways that it can be done! I really love where you can easily interchange them and of course frame the favorite ones.


One tip I would give any parent is scan or take a photo of the kids artwork and recycle it after a certain period of time. Keep the ones that you truly love in a binder to show the kids later in the years. With the ones you had taken a photo of you can print them in a photo book for them to flip through.







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                                                              Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


                                                       Source: via Karen on Pinterest


cg gallery shelves




They all look good.

Do you have a special way of showcasing your kids artwork?



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  1. I love these ideas. I've recently purchased a cute curtain rod to hang my daughter's artwork from, but have yet to install it :) And your story about your little one made my teary-eyed. I'd sob if I saw that. Where were the teachers? As a former teacher, I can't imagine letting her run around like that, searching for you, and NOT cuddling her :( I wish you the best in your journey to finding the perfect place for her.


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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