August 22, 2012

Wednesday Home Tour: Resse Witherspoon’s Ojai Home

Resse Witherspoon is a good actress. I do not have a favorite actress but if I do she would be one of them. I can watch “Sweet Home Alabama” over and over again. So when I saw her on the cover of the September issue of Elle Decor I dived right in to check out her home.




I love the charm of the home but at the same time I feel that it need a little bit of color.Of course to each their own. What I love the most are the grounds and the terrace. I am a huge sucker for outdoor living.  The house used to belong to a designer you might of heard of…Kathryn Ireland…Kathryn is big on color and patterns which shows in the interior of the house. 


kathryn ireland's ojai living room



If you had the choice would you choose the more neutral colors decor or the over the top color decor? I know that that’s too much color for me and I would go with Resse’s interior choices.



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  1. I like this house, it reminds me of an old spanish ship.
    thank you for sharing this house.



Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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