August 21, 2012


I love decorating with lanterns. They can be used all year round: spring, summer, fall and winter. You can find lanterns practically in any home decor store: Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Target, IKEA, West Elm, to name a few. Lanterns can be used as center pieces or hang from the ceiling. They can be used as one or grouped together for different atmospheres. They do not have to be the same shapes and sizes when grouped together, even better if they are not. It gives them the space a character. 


In the summer the lanterns can be filled with a sand, shells, along with the candle.


                                 Source: via tamekia on Pinterest


                                    Source: via Dana on Pinterest


In the fall the lanterns can be filled with cranberries, pumpkins, fall leaves,
candy for Halloween 

                                                             Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


                                                  Source: via Laura on Pinterest


                                                     Source: via Larissa on Pinterest



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In the winter the lanterns can be filled with pine cones, evergreen branches, Christmas ornaments




                                                            Source: via Hazel on Pinterest





Decorating for spring or an event


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Of course they can be used for regular light fixtures over your dining room table


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                                                                Source: via Dawn on Pinterest



I own a handful of lanterns that I decorate for the holidays. Are you a fan of lanterns?



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