August 15, 2012

Kids playroom inspiration

I can’t believe it but the time has come for my daughter to start preschool. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I know that I will be using this photo check list to capture the first school experience.


Now where I am going with this – kids bring lots of artwork back home or homework for the older kids from school. My daughter will be only part time so we are still going to do our crafting, drawing, etc at home. Kids just like adults need organization – a place to put their craft and drawing supplies, scissors, toys. Some are lucky and have separate rooms designated for playrooms (hello, playroom at my parent’s house) and some not some much (my own house – only two bedrooms) but in the end I don’t think kids really care where they play/learn.


To find an inspiration you do not have to look far, just open a Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod catalog, search online, do what’s right for you. The essentials I believe every playroom should have are: storage, artwork, good lighting, a cozy corner, and appropriate size furniture. You get to decide the ways to showcase the artwork: either by framing it or hanging it on a rope just like the first photo. Make it your own. Do not be afraid of using storage bins that are meant for the kitchen as storage in the playroom.



                                                     Source: via House of Fifty Mag on Pinterest


                                                                             Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


                                                                  Source: via Megan on Pinterest




                                                                           Source: via Katie on Pinterest



                                                                             Source: via Amy on Pinterest



I this great article on how to set up your playroom. You can read it here. Do you have a designed room for play or do your kids overrun the house just like mine?



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