April 23, 2014

Sawyer Leigh Boutique

When someone given you lemons, you have the choice to make lemonade! That’s what I did last holiday season!  My husband was laid off back in October due to a slowdown in his field. I had always wanted a creative outlet but somehow there was never a good time (or most likely just me being too scared to take the plunge) until now! Last holiday season while brainstorming ideas we decided that after talking about it for the past three years I should finally open an Etsy shop. I have been making paper banners for the past three years but somehow I was drawn to painted wood signs. I loved the paint on the wood! The quietness, making the same thing but never coming out the same!

Believe it or not I actually attended a holiday boutique without even having an Esty shop open. Once my oldest daughter, gave the shop a name, there was no going back. Here are some of the wood signs that I sold during the Christmas holiday of 2013.

Sawyer Leigh Boutique Winter Signs

After the boutique I dove into creating signs! I only created signs that I know I would love to have in my house! I still do this to this day! And of course confetti! Who doesn’t love confetti!

Sawyer Leigh Boutique

Sawyer Leigh Boutique 1

All you need is love - Sawyer Leigh Boutique

Then in Spring 2014 I participated in my first big boutique, Penelope Lane Boutique in Seal Beach! I wouldn't lie if I say that I wasn’t nervous but I had a blast! I was brainstorming ideas like crazy and adding new stuff until the very last minute!

Hey batter batter wood sign

take me out to the ballgame

Live Simply, Dream Big wood sign



What I loved the most is creating this for my daughter’s first birthday!


I would love if you can check out my shop here!


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