April 30, 2014

Birthday muffins!

My youngest daughter and I have our birthdays a week apart. She turned one this year! I still can’t believe it. It feels just like yesterday I gave birth to this little girl and brought her home to our crazy house.

I always strive to make my children’s birthdays special starting with breakfast. Since she is still very little I decided that presenting her morning chocolate chip muffin with a “Happy Birthday” banner would be the most appropriate way!

Chocolate Chip Muffin with free happy birthday printable

I love this fun and whimsy printable form 100 Directions. It has bright colors that I love! This is just a small part of the printable that is included! The best part, this took me less than 5 minutes to complete! Print, cut, paste, enjoy!

Free "Happy Birthday" banner

Happy Birthday muffins

birthday muffins with celebrate printable


Download the free printable at 100 Directions.




  1. I love this idea! Instead of waiting all day until dessert to have cake... start the day celebrating with muffins! Yay!

    1. If I could I would always start my day with a dessert but muffins are second best. Thank you!


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