May 6, 2014

Painted Mason Jars


painted mason jar


I love mason jars! They are cute and can be used for anything. You might remember my post about mason jars and how they can be used for anything. This week is teacher appreciation week and I am yet to put something together so I am sharing with you what I gave the teacher’s last year when she was in her first year of preschool. Painted mason jars!

Of course I realized last minute that it was teacher appreciation week (the baby was only two weeks old at the time, so to be quite honest half of the time I didn’t even knew what day/time it was). I really loved Madison’s teachers that I wanted to give them something made from me and hopefully to keep. Nothing like procrastination and this was me at 4am ….painting mason jars. Good thing acrylic paint dries fast.


painted mason jars prep

There are many tutorials out in the blogosphere but it is very easy.

1. Clean your mason jars really well. Make sure that they are dry.

2. Paint the outside of the jar with paint of your choice. You can use spray paint if you would like. Let it dry

3. Once the paint has dried lightly sand the outside of the jar, highlighting some spot. This gives the jar the shabby chic look. You can’t go wrong here, just sand to what look you prefer the jar to have. If you have used spray paint I do not think you can sand. I like the shabby look so I just stick to acrylic paint or chalk paint.

9. Seal the paint with clear coat! You are done!

painted mason jars project


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  1. Oh, this is so beautiful! I just love mason jars. And the flowers are gorgeous :)


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