September 17, 2014

Fall Rag Banner



You might remember my patriotic rag banner, if not you can see it here. For the past year I have been really loving the rag banner. It just gives that texture and added character to the mantle or the party table or even a room decoration, depending on where you use it.  I am in the process of decorating my mantle for fall before switching it to Halloween in a couple of weeks, and decided to do another rag banner.

As I had said before what I love most about this project is that I can have it done in less than an hour. It’s a project that can be done while watching TV at night, watching the kids play, heck, they can even help you. 

The instructions are easy: 1) Gather your fabric of choosing. 2) Cut it into strips in the width desired. 3) Fold the fabric strips and loop into the twine 4) Repeat with all the fabric strips in the pattern, fullness, and length of the banner desired.  You are done!






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