September 14, 2014

Playroom Mood Board

My parent's bought their vacation home a little over two years ago. After two years of having a huge empty room I think it's time to start working on the bonus room and make it into a playroom for the kids. I know for a fact they will be thrilled!

The previous owner was not afraid of color. Almost every room had a bright bold color on the walls. That's fantastic, but to have it all painted and the bold colors covered it's a lot of time and money. To save time a painter was hired. To save money, the whole house was painted in one color, a nice beige. Lol!

Now, little by little, each room is getting the much needed color. Here is a simple playroom mood board to start us off. The playroom is open to the hallway so to make it easy we are going to stencil one of the back walls and hang a huge chalkboard. Off to the side we are going to hang shelves to hold the kids books and would be easier for the kids to grab them. The kids love to pretend play and love to hang out in their tent. A bright colored artwork will be placed to help add color to the room.

We are stenciling the walls with Royal Studio's polka star stencil as we speak and I cannot wait to show you what it looks like afterwards. Come back later this week for an update on the playroom!


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