October 4, 2014

Easy Hanging Artwork Frame

With two small kids and a business I try to make projects that are going to be done in one day. This project I have wanted to make for a long time and started about a year ago. You remember the playroom update a couple of weeks ago, well I had placed the yellow frame is part of the wall display and it looked good if you ask me but that wasn’t my intent.


Fast forward to this weekend, and I took out the twine and the staple gun and had my husband finish the project for me in 30 min. Pretty neat right?

This is very easy project: all you need is a frame (picture or one that you have made yourself), twine, scissors, staple gun and handing hardware. I painted my frame a mustardy yellow and thought that twine will go perfect with it for hanging little quotes, the kids artwork, photos. Of course you can do chicken wire. Measure the twine and staple it to the frame. Repeat as make times as needed. Hang the frame on the wall. Add your artwork. Done!


              IMG_5133  IMG_5140



So between posts someone contacted me about the “Reading Corner” sign and I sold it to them! I guess it’s time to make a new one. If you need one please feel free to contact me.



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