October 2, 2014

Fall Bucket List

It might be still very very hot here in Southern California even if we are already in the month of October ( Think upper 90s kind of weather, yup, I don’t agree either) but fall activities are slowly starting to fill our weekends. From apple picking to the pumpkin patch, to decorating for fall and Halloween to making treats.

My older daughter loves to make decisions, like what we would have for dinner or what mall to go to or where we should go. We try to give her an opportunity to be independent as much as we can and this is one of the reasons why we create those seasonal bucket lists. It give her the opportunity to chose activities without having the pressure of thinking them up.

Last year I took off from blogging but I still created a fall bucket list that I shared on Instagram. Something simple that we could handle with an active preschooler and a baby. We didn’t get to do all the things on our list, which we never pressure ourselves to do. You can use it if you would like.

fall bucket list


This year our fall bucket list is practically the same given that we are limited on time with Madison’s numerous activities. Of course we had to use the newly made giant chalkboard. (For a how to check this here).

I know our list is pretty bare compared to others but this is what works for us. You can make a your own bucket list, just write down the activities that you would like to get done this season and you are all set. You can leave them onto the piece of paper, make little cars, make them into clothes pins, etc. If you are looking for more ideas I have included some great ones for the Internet.

Halloween Bucket List




from Simple as That Fall Photo Check list

fall bucket list chalk

A chalkboard printable fall bucket list, source here

Fall Bucket List idea




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