February 17, 2012

Pinterest your Friday

It is Friday again. I am so looking forward to the weekend. I had my jaw lock up last weekend and hasn’t been a splendid week. Not that the weekend is here I can relax and have my husband watch the kid for a little bit. Plus finally I will be able to finish two small projects I have been working on. Yeah!




                Source: jillianharris.com via Megan on Pinterest



                    Source: ohhellofriend.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest



                                  Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest



                                 Source: whipperberry.com via Megan on Pinterest



Are you looking forward to the weekend? Anything special planned?




  1. Oh my goodness...I love that first living room. It's so well put together and yet so inviting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE that colorful room!!! And those little donuts are adorable!!! (c:


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