February 15, 2012

Wednesday Home Tour: Brooke Shields

Believe it or not I have never seen a single movie with Brooke Shield in it. I know that she is a famous actress that last year joined the cast of The Addams Family on Broadway. Now what I know for sure is that I fell in love with her house especially her living room with the heart artwork that was on the cover of the current issue of Architectural Digest.



The colors of the room are calming, relaxing, elegant. I love the natural material rug. The pop of color. One thing that I don’t like is the black pendant over the coffee table. It reminds me of a security camera at the grocery store. Hopefully I don’t sound too crazy over here.




To see more of Mrs. Shield’s home you will have to check out the current issue of Architectural Digest.

Happy Wednesday!




  1. Agreed on the black thingy in that living room. But I seriously think I could live in her bathroom!

  2. Gorgeous house! Love the stool and yellow lamp in the last pic!


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