June 4, 2012

My attempt at gardening

You can ask anyone from my family I do not have a green thumb. I try and try but I am not very good a keeping plants alive. I love gardens and beautiful flowers as much as I love the sea. I love seeing all the colors that a garden has, it is such an inspiration.


As I mentioned before my mom bought a house to be closer to me. As much as I was happy to have my family live  visit me all the time I saw their house as my project. Surprisingly for the house being a short sale, the interior of the house was great…no damages to the walls, good quality kitchen cabinets; the only problem was the yards- both the front and the back were not a great shape.


The house is located on a house track with an HOA that is very strict about the lawn. This is what the house looked like when my parents took possession of it. The bushes are overgrown, spilling out to the walkway, full of all kinds of spiders.


So we got to work…

IMG_0515 IMG_0520


It took us my husband a few days and two shovels later to finally take those bushes out. Think 10 year old bushes that were never pruned. Plus the builder didn’t do they job right so there were random spots of concrete in what is suppose to be the garden.


Here is after the bushes were gone. A very dirty 16 foot wall of dirt.  We I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do with this so I left it like this for a few days. The HOA wasn’t very happy about that. So one lovely sunny afternoon while my husband was waiting for my car tire to get fixed I visited the local Home Depot and $150 later I had the flowers that I wanted.




We started planting…

I love my little helper




The sprinklers came on while we were transferring and planting the flowers which meant a mandatory break.

IMG_1157 IMG_1160 IMG_1163


Since this was done the night before I left for Seattle I didn’t get a chance to take a close up of the garden.  I was planning on taking photos when I came back and wanted to give you the big reveal but unfortunately while I was in Seattle the neighborhood’ kids destroyed my little garden. They plucked most of the flowers out. Someone definitely needs to teach them some manners.

Here I am at square one again.





  1. Wow, Megan it looks good. What a shame that the neighbors kids did that. With such a strict HOA, I'd be contacting them to let them know what the neighbors kids did. Flowers can be expensive! What a shame! It looked nice from the photos! :)

  2. Looks good, hope you get it the way you want, and you took care of those pests.

  3. Thank you for taking care of my house. You guys did a very good job.


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