June 10, 2012

Random Nonsense

I know, I know. I have been very inconsistent for a while. Life has taken over me. Today I am writing this post with the same nervous feeling as I did for my first blog post. Not sure if there is anyone out there who would care about my nonsense. Well, hopefully someone does!


It seems that in the past few months it has been one step forward, few steps back. Even though summer is unofficially here in Southern California I feel like this is my new beginning. Don’t concentrate on the bad but the good, not the past but the future.


Anyways…you might remember me mentioning that I went to Seattle for my friend’s wedding. Can I just say I had a blast…The wedding and the bride were beautiful…I got to see old friends…I was able to let go and just have fun. My daughter was the bubble girl and did an awesome job. I cannot wait to see the professional photos of the wedding since believe it or not I wasn’t able to figure out how my mom’s point and shoot works properly. (seriously her Nikon’s point and shoot is like a mini DSLR camera)







Danielle had put me and her aunt in charge of the set up. Making sure that the tables were set up right, the desert table was the way she wanted. I love it…such a thrill to get things in timely manner.






Danielle wrote a note to her new husband that she is always right without realizing that I wrote the same thing. Now I know why we are friends.




Danielle’s dad had the funniest speech prepared. I was laughing so hard that I had tiers running down my cheeks. DSCN0161 Congrats to my friend Danielle and her new husband Max!


While I was wondering if I should be putting my friend’s wedding on the blog, I realized that now a days blogging has became part of our daily lives: for some is a full time job with an income, for some is a way to share what they love wheatear that would be family, crafting, design, party planning, education, etc. Here are a few examples of how blogging has become a big part of our world today.




between friends

Saw this driving down the freeway. No worries, I had my husband take the photo. I didn’t want to cause any accidents.


Hope you are having a great weekend!



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