June 25, 2012

Our Summer To-do List

I have decided that I will dedicate this summer to hanging out with my daughter. If  you were to google a summer kids to-do list aka the summer bucket list, you will get lots and lots of results. Some of those results are more just a list of activities that you can do with your kids ranging in ages, and some are more specific. For example, I decided to make our own summer to-do list with things I have been wanting to do with my daughter. I have seen lists with 100 even 200 things on there but I decided to keep ours simple.


                                                                   Source: tumblr.com via Megan on Pinterest



Our 50 things to do this summer list


1. Play with water balloons

2. Go on the big orange balloon ride

3. Cook something together

4. Bake cookies and decorate them

5. Bake cupcakes

6. Take Maddie to her first movie in the movie theater

7. See a movie at the park

8. Play dress up

9. Have a tea party

10. Write letters and snail mail them to friends and family

11. Picnic in the park

12. Visit 5 different parks that we haven’t been to before

13. Go to the beach and build sandcastles

14. Go swimming any chance we get

15. Watch the fireworks

16. Hike our canyon

17. Build something together

18. Go to the zoo

19. Build with Legos/blocks

20. Go to the bookstore and read a book or two

21. Learn to hoola hoop and jump rope

22. Make s’mores

23. Go to story time at the library

24. Enroll into a summer reading program

25. Have a craft day

26. Visit the local farmers market

27. Blow bubbles

28. Fly a kite on a breezy day

29. Make a hot air balloon

30. Make a beach mobile

31. Take Maddie to her first baseball game

32. Make homemade ice cream

33. Ride our bikes

34. Paint with sidewalk paint

35. Take an “alphabet” tour

36. Go to the Arboretum

37. Write a letter to our favorite characters

38. Get signed autographs from Maddie’s favorite characters

39. Finger paint

40. Go on a local road trip

41. Stage a fun photo shoot

42. Cloud watching

43. have A made up holiday

44. Go to the local kids museum

45. Play with playdough

46. Go to the fair

47. Play school

48. Anything train related – watch trains passing by or go to the train museum or go on a train

49. Make art

50. Ride the carousel


                                                                       Source: realsimple.com via Megan on Pinterest



Hopefully we will be able to get all of these 50 things done.

Also I am not afraid to change the list if needed. After all she is only almost a 3 year old.

You can make up your own list or find one online.

I will try my best to update you on our activities through the summer.

No worries, I will still post about other things.

Here is my summer board if you want to check out other ideas.

Happy Summer!






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  1. What a great idea Megan! No kids... yet! ;) But this is the perfect way to keep your kids going throughout the summer. Bit of a nerd here, but I remember getting bored halfway through the summer. Found you through Tip Junkie


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