June 27, 2014

DIY – Work Bench

Yesterday I posted about my Fourth of July styled shoot. Today I am going to talk about the DIY bench that I had my husband make for me. A bench that have proven to be very useful in the past four months that I have had it.

DIY bench

There are two reasons why I wanted to build this work bench: one, to use as a work bench for my business and two, to use as a display for parties/boutiques. Although a little bulky I love how the bench turned out. This project took us a day to complete, it is that easy! Just make sure when going to the hardware store that you have your supply list and measurements with you. It will make things so much easier, trust me! We were going to use a bigger size fence wood but unfortunately our local Home Depot only had the smaller one at that time so we had to recalculate how much fence wood we needed on the spot.


Materials needed:

I am not specifying any measurements at this moment but here is the material that we used

(I will update this over the weekend)

2x 4”x8’ to be cut in half for the post of the legs

8x 2” x 8’ to be used for the frame of the bench

18x 5.5” x 6” fence wood (we used that since it’s cheaper than common board)

long screws

staples and a staple gun

stain of your choice (mine is Special Walnut)



Gather all of the material and cut to the fence board to the length of the bench you would like it to be. We have our bench at 40” height and I believe 5’ in length.

Make a frame for the bench with the 2” x 4” adding a board in the middle for support.

Place the 4’x4” post aka your legs inside the frame that you just built at the desired height for shelf and counter.

bench tutorail 1a 

Once you have the frame done  you can start nailing the fence boards down creating a shelf.

Now its time to staple the boards to the side to create a hutch. We left the curvy ends of the fence to create a little character to the hutch. Add the shelf to the hutch.

Dust off/Wipe the bench clean.

Apply stain of choice.


bench tutorail 1b bench tutorial 1c 

And here are three different ways I have used the bench so far. Please note some of the photos are taken with my camera so they are not the best quality.

Fourth of July party bench




I linking this project to The Cards we Drew


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