June 9, 2014

Wedding Inspiration Week

I keep on telling my husband “where was Pinterest when we were getting married eight years ago?” Wedding season is about to officially begin and I feel so inspired by what I see on Pinterest, the web, and the magazines. Our wedding was very small and to be very honest lacked on decor. Even though it was lovely our decor was very basic. There were no DIY projects, there where no place cards, there were no special linens, but it was lovely. Sadly our photographer wasn’t the best ( I have the worst luck with photographers sometimes) Since I do not have any good photos of the decor I will just show you one of our post ceremony photos. It was pretty warm for being March in Seattle.

wedding photography

Okay I will admit we had a few good photos but that ways about it..I do have to share the one where we went to Starbucks to get coffee. Yes, loved going to Starbucks in my sparkling white dress to get coffee. The employees and customers weren’t sure what to think about that.


So anyways since my wedding wasn’t exactly what I wanted I decided to create a few different wedding inspiration story boards and share them with you this week. So stay tuned!


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