April 19, 2011

The entry of the house

They say that the entry will tell everything about your home. After all the entry is the first and the last thing someone sees when visiting your home. Yet because we do not spend as much time in the entry as let’s say the living room or the kitchen, that particular area is usually the last one to get decorated.

I live in a small two bedroom townhouse where as soon as you enter you are in the living room and dining room area so I do not have the option of a cute entry to greet my guests. If I had one I would have a mirror, there is always that last check before leaving home and coming into someone else’s home. Possibly I would have a decorative light fixture, some decorative bowls or boxes for the keys, sunglasses, and other small things.

Here are few that really inspire me:

Manolo Home

Melle Design

Design Sponge

Pinterest (no source given)


bear hill interiors foyer beach

Coco Kelly

Do you have an entryway in your home? Have you had a chance to decorate it?



1 comment

  1. I love me a good entry way and I'm jealous of everyone that has one! No room at the inn in my house )c: That green cabinet has me mezmerized!


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