April 4, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

All last week was beautiful here is Southern California, but for some reason when the weekend came along clouds settled in and the sun was gone. Well, they are gone today. Beautiful sunny warm weather! I love it! I am an outdoor type of person but I am not a very big fan of the cold or in that matter the really hot weather.
Yellow is a primary warm color. Yellow is the color of optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. The golden shades of yellow can promote positive future. Yellow sparks creativity and activates the memory  as well as communication.

Here are some interesting facts about yellow:
  • can increase the metabolism
  • even though it promotes optimist, it can make us feel angry and frustrated depending on the shade of yellow used
  • it is a non-emotional color: it relates to the head not the heart
I love this entryway! Greeting your guests with a bold wallpaper and bright yellow accents is a great way to introduce them to your style and personality. Using wallpaper in an entryway also allows you to make a big statement in a small space.

above photos via Pinterest

Sarah Richardson

(via designismymuse)

Happy Monday! Hopefully it’s sunny where you live!

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  1. Ah, how I love sunshine! I love yellow rooms, too! That yellow barn door room is in my inspiration folder (: Have a wonderful Monday!


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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