April 1, 2011

Traditional Bulgarian Pottery

If you were to visit Bulgaria and go to a very traditional Bulgarian restaurant you would most likely eat the food off traditional Bulgarian pottery dishes. You can see traditional Bulgarian pottery sold everywhere. I have a few pieces at home that I treasure very much. Actually when I was researching about this post I found a company in the states that imports a few pottery sets that I am thinking I might get a few plates to have around the house. The pattern is so beautiful it can be used for decorating, maybe hang some of the plates on a wall.

Here are some of the designs that Bulgar USA offers on their website.



Here are a few more traditional pieces:

Go to fullsize image

I really love the colors used by Bulgar USA. What do you think? Would you ever use this pottery for decorating?

If you are feeling adventures here is a website I found with Bulgarian recipes.



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