December 16, 2011

Pinterest your Friday

Hello there! I feel like I have been full of excuses lately, but sadly I am. Tired, exhausted, no help, but now I am visiting my parents for the holidays which means a little bit of help, lots of hanging out with the family, surprisingly no more sleep than I was getting at home, but most importantly again being with my family for the holidays.  I had a little bit of snag yesterday on my way to the airport when as I was rolling my suitcase out of the house it rolled over my toenail making it bleed like crazy, me fainting ( I don’t do well with blood), then being the only one wearing flip flops and a sweater in low 40 degree weather in Seattle, coming home to find out that I broke my computer.

Thankfully my dad was able to fix it today so I should be back to normal in no time. See I am full of excuses but I will not let them get to me this time.


Thank you for reading the above paragraph if you made it this far of course. To be quite honest I am having a hard time of keeping track of my pins lately. There is so much good stuff that people are pinning that I want to do it all, to have it all. So once again, here are few pins from this week.


I saw this on Facebook via friend right after the wedding and though it was hilarious. Do you see the resemblance?

         Source: Uploaded by user via Megan on Pinterest



Speaking of princesses, here is your style guide for modern age princess.


                                 Source: Uploaded by user via Megan on Pinterest



Do you remember the cookie exchange I mentioned two weeks ago? Well do to schedule conflict I wasn’t able to make it. That didn’t stop me from pinning cookie recipes of course.

Lemon cookies with white chocolate


                       Source: via Megan on Pinterest



I made a holiday wreath (photo to come at a later post) thanks to this tip I pinned long time ago.

                                  Source: via Megan on Pinterest



Can’t really say anything about this room, other than it’s colorful, girly and I love the frame above the little table.


                                     Source: via Megan on Pinterest



Happy Friday!




  1. Sorry to hear about your toe and fainting spell...that doesn't sound too fun! Hope your weekend goes a little bit better..enjoy your time with family.

  2. I hope your toe is feeling a little better. Have some fun while you are up there.



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