January 30, 2012

Home staging tips

Two weekends ago I tagged along with my favorite real estate agent and her clients to see the potential of some homes in the area. To be quite honest I do not know where to begin…some of the homes where very unacceptable to be seen by us. We made appointments ahead of time, so mind you all of the sellers had plenty of time to get ready. In one of the homes the home owner’s wife was taking a shower so we had to wait for her to finish, the house was a mess, unfinished lunch was laying on the counter as well as their current mail. The rooms were messy with dirty laundry laying everywhere.


All this prompted me to give you a few tips on staging your home for potential buyers:


1.Start with your listing. Please do not show how many cars you can fit in your driveway. It takes away from the home and it makes it feel cluttered.



Below is an example of how the home should look like when put on a listing. No clutter.



Also when listing your home do not date your home with having dates on the photos and holiday decorations. It tells the buyer when you listed your home. For example the home with the date on the photo is still active. Makes you wonder why hasn’t it sold yet? Is there something wrong with the home?



Christmas is long over. Plus with the big Christmas tree it is hard to see how big the room is. Remember there are people who cannot visualize their furniture in the room with all the distractions. I remember watching a house hunting show once and the buyers could not envision themselves living there because of the wallpaper on the walls. It does matter.



2. Please de-clutter your home. I understand it is really hard to put everything away since you are still living in the home but you want the buyer to feel welcomed in your home. To envision themselves living there. After all isn’t that the reason you have the home listed in the first place?


3. Take down family photos and treasures. Pack away all of your vacation knick knacks that are probably cluttering your mantle. You can always pull them out at your next home or you can realize that you like “the less is more” motto.


4. If something is broken please fix it. The last thing a buyer wants to see is a leaking faucet or a hole in the wall. Small changes can make a big impact.


The photos below are a big no-no!


Counters are essential. You want to show the buyer how big the counter space is by having nothing on the counters. Put away the dirty dishes and the small appliances that you do not use everyday. If you have an open house take the trash away. No one wants to smell your last night’s dinner.




Why would you want to use your dining room as a storage? Show the full potential of the home by removing the boxes, place flowers on the table, open the blinds. 


Can you believe that the photos above are from homes currently listed on the market?


Let’s see photos done to a currently listed home with a little bit of a clean up, taking down personal photos, having a neutral background, giving each room a purpose.


When selling your home  you want to portray a lifestyle that people can aspire to live there. You want to have them fall in love as soon as they walk in the door. People buy on emotion.


To summarize:

         Pack away your personal belonging. Yes, the family photos have to go  too. Put up neutral artwork – a sunset, a beach, an architectural building.

               Get rid of clutter. Buyers check the kitchen cabinets and the closets as well.

         Give each room a purpose. The dining room is a dining room, not an office.

         Apply neutral paint to your walls. Some buyers get scared of bold colors.

      Have your home be model-ready. Fix the  little things.

                Clean your house from top to bottom. If you have pets clean out their litter box, please.

                      Don’t forget to take care of the exterior. Mow and water the lawn. Get rid of the weeds.


If you have an open house open the blinds, let the natural light in. Turn on the lights, place fresh flowers, bake cookies.


Home Staging is an investment. It’s a marketing tool to sell your home faster. Just think, all of the new construction homes have a model home. That home is always clean, has great lighting, always ready for entertainment and guests, it’s ready for you to move in.


For inspiration you can always check out other homes or visit HGTV. If you need more help I am here to help. You can contact me at meganvperry@gmail.com for a staging consultation.



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