January 4, 2012

Wednesday Home Tour: The set design of “The Holiday”

I know that the holidays are over but I love that I was able to see this movie this past week. “The Holiday”…I have seen this movie just a few times now. I really love how the characters are so different from one another. One is very career determent and doesn’t shed a tear for a man while the other is so insecure and let’s people walk over her especially a specific man. What I loved most about the movie was their homes: both very different yet I could imagine myself living in both. One very cozy located in a village in England and the other contemporary located in LA of course.


Even though Iris’s house doesn’t exist in real life I really love the exterior.

the holiday movie set


This is Amanda’s home.

The Holiday movie set


Let’s move into the interiors.

This is Iris’s cozy, eclectic living room. Lots of patterns and color. The natural stone on the fireplace wall. I really like the wood beams on the ceiling.


the holiday movie set design

the holiday movie set design


Compared to Amanda’s very contemporary neutral living room. Solid colors the only pattern I see is on the rug.


the holiday movie set design

the holiday movie set design


Moving on to the kitchen


Amanda’s enormous kitchen with the state of the art appliances. Of course a formal dining room.


the holiday movie set design

the holiday movie set design


The bedrooms: I love the fireplace in Iris’s bedroom but I am not a big fan of the bed frame. I have to go with Amanda’s bed frame here. I really love the simplicity of her room. 


the holiday movie set design

the holiday movie set design


Let’s end with the bathroom.

Iris’s bathroom is small


the holiday movie set design


While Amanda’s is big. Isn’t it interesting how both have a soak tub and almost the same bath tub filler?


The holiday movie set design



Have you seen the movie? Which house would you prefer to live if given the choice?

Happy Wednesday!




  1. I just love your blog!!! How in the world did you get all the pictures? Yes...seen it a million times and loved it!!! I could definitely live in both, depending on my mood and the weather...lol!!! How did you know Iris's house is not real? I was hoping it was, and that some day I would just be walking by on a trip to England, and boom, there it would be...LOL!!!

  2. I absolutely adore this darling movie!!! And hands down I would live in the cottage...it's absolutely perfect and adorable in every way! I'm definitely not enough of the "less is more" girl to go with the modern/sleek stuff! Color and pattern are too much fun! (c: Hope you are having a fantastic new year, my dear!


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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