March 29, 2011

The Good Wife

I love watching “The Good Wife” on CBS. It has great plot line, the show is about a politician’s wife, Alicia, who takes charge of her life when her husband is caught in very public political scandal that lends him to jail in Season 1. In Season 2 her husband is out of jail running for district attorney while Alicia is trying to live a somewhat normal life. If you would like to read the whole plot, you can read it here.

Set Decorator Beth Kushnick did a fantastic job. The flow of the space is open yet each room is separated from each other. The French doors are great if you would like privacy and give the space character. This is what Beth had to say about the small details about creating the sets: “As a set decorator I think it is all about the details! Even though things like a collection of fortunes from fortune cookies placed in a bowl in the kitchen (which was my eight-year-old daughter's contribution) or bedside table junk in the bedroom (coins, a random earring, a chiropractor’s business card) most likely will never be seen on screen, they give life to the sets and I find them very necessary to complete the lived-in feeling.”

This is Alicia’s living room. I like how Beth used different pieces to create an eclectic look and it feels very welcoming with the bookcase wall.





Alicia’s dining room. This is suppose to be a deep eggplant color but it shows as gray on the photo.



Alicia’s kitchen. Clean lines, two tones colors for the cabinetry give the space a contemporary look. Isn’t the glass frosted tile used as a backsplash great? And who doesn’t love a wine cooler in they kitchen.




Alicia’s bedroom. I like the colors and the rail detail used in this bedroom. The picture doesn’t give it justice but the bed lines have a grain pattern detail to them. I love the mirror vanity as well. I do have to say that the bedroom feels that is staged as for a model home.



If you would like to find out more information about the products used on the show, you can check it out on CBS’s website where the designer talks all about it.  If you ever get a chance to see the show you will be able to get a better tour of the place. I wouldn't mind living there. It feels very welcoming to me.



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  1. I actually own the exact same mirror, from the bedroom vanity, as the one shown. Bought it at a second hand shop for cheap but tried to return it because it's very, very heavy. I find it interesting how the mirror translates to film, considering that I know what it looks like up close...


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