March 17, 2011

A trip to Ireland

I love traveling but I have been to only few selected countries. My husband and I always talk about which country we would like to visit and Ireland is one of them. Every time I watch “PS I love you” and “Leap year” I get mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of the country. It is so green and so peaceful, yet very colorful in the city. Since I cannot visit Ireland any time soon in real life I decided to visit via the internet. It is amazing how you can find very old historic architecture in the country and the old brick houses with modern building around the city. Did I mention those landscapes?

Ireland travel picture - Irish countryside, lighthouse in Donegal, by Trimusical

lighthouse in Donegal


Ireland travel picture - Irish cemetary and church, Tramore, by Brent 2

Irish cemetery and church, Tramore


Ireland travel picture - Irish town, Ennis, by Jim Moran

the town of Ennis ( don’t you love the bright colors on the houses)

photos via

 File:Ireland cliffs of moher1.jpg
photo via


Wicklow country

photo via

Photo of Wicklow Derrybawn Bridge - W33563

Derrybawn bridge


Photo of Wicklow Avoca Main Street - W33503

Avoca Main Street, Wicklow,

photos via


                                        Ferndale B & B ( I love the front of the home with the red door)



Grand Canal in Dublin, photo via



The Temple bar, photo via



photo via



Dublin Convention Centre, photo via

There are so many beautiful photos of Dublin and Ireland on flickr. If you would like to see more just go on the website.  I felt so inspired that looked at photos for over an hour without even realizing it.

Happy St. Patrick’s everyone! Don’t forget to wear something green and for those over 21 to have a cold beer!



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